ZipWiz 2005

ZipWiz 2005

ZipWiz 2005 gives you easy access to the Millions of Zip files available

ZipWiz 2005 is a program that will compress and uncompress archives using the ZIP standard, one of the most popular archive formats. Compressing your files into ZIP archives will make it easier for you to distribute your files via e-mail or upload them to a server. The smaller they are, the less time it takes to send them. Thus, with this tool you will not only be able to compress and uncompress .ZIP archives easily, but also update compressed files and check them for viruses.

The program has a simple interface, which will allow you to create new .ZIP archives just by selecting from your drives the files and folders you want to include in them. You can also extract the files included in an archive, restoring them to their original state and size. You may just want to open the ZIP file to check it contains all the files and folders it should contain – ZipWiz will allow you to do that without decompressing the files in it. Among some other features, ZipWiz includes "IntelliZip", a functionality that allows you to add files to an archive, or remove files from it.

Note that ZipWiz includes an obsolete entry in the menu - "Register". This program is now sponsored (you will see the ads at the bottom of the interface), so you do not need to register anymore.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It eases the process of compressing and uncompressing ZIP archives


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